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Oropharyngeal dysphagia is a common disorder associated with high morbidity and mortality. The prevalence of dysphagia among individuals older than 50 years of age has been estimated to range from 16 to 22%. In addition, up to 13% of hospitalized patients and 50% of nursing home residents have feeding problems of which most are attributed to oropharyngeal dysphagia. The complications of oropharyngeal dysphagia are severe and include dehydration, malnutrition, aspiration, pneumonia, and death. As our population continues to age, oropharyngeal dysphagia will become an increasing problem associated with complex medical and ethical issues.

Constipation Prescription

Constipation Prescription

Did you ever think feeling angry and irritable could be a symptom of constipation? A horrible fullness and pressing sharp pains against the bladders can’t help but affect your mood. Sometimes you just want everyone to leave you alone and sleep to escape the pain. It is virtually impossible to be constipated and keep a sunny disposition. Follow the steps in this guide to alleviate constipation and lead a happier healthy life.

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