It has been suggested that population screening using genetic testing might be ideally suited for HFE-related HH. This is because the disorder is common, there is a long latent phase before the development of disease manifestations, treatment is simple, safe, and effective and tests of phenotypic markers are available. However, it has quickly become apparent that not all C282Y homozygotes have phenotypic expression and this raises questions about the advisability of large scale population screening. A recent study by Beutler and colleagues (2002) of 41,038 subjects from the San Diego area showed that about 25% of males and about 50% of females who are C282Yhomozygotes do not have an elevated ferritin level. This suggests that there are large numbers of C282Y homozygotes that do not have evidence of phenotypic expression. As a result of these and other studies, it has been suggested that population screening using genetic testing may not be appropriate.

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Constipation Prescription

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