Postinfective IBS

A subset of patients associate the development of IBS symptoms with the onset of gastroenteritis. IBS-like symptoms are found in 7 to 30% of patients who have recovered from a proven bacterial gastroenteritis. Increased mucosal cellularity and intestinal permeability have been reported in these patients with postinfective IBS (PI-IBS). Risk factors associated with the development of PI-IBS include female gender, duration of acute diarrheal illness, and the presence of significant life stressors occurring around the time of the infection; the latter is one of the most important predictive factors of PI-IBS. Thus, both peripheral gut disturbances (eg, GI infection) and central modulating factors (eg, psychological distress) are required for the development of persistent GI symptoms in PI-IBS.

In addition to their central effects, TCAs may in part reduce visceral pain by decreasing firing of primary sensory afferent nerves, which transmit pain signals from the gut to the spinal cord.

Constipation Prescription

Constipation Prescription

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