Acute rejection of the intestinal allograft is not an uncommon event. The most frequent presentation is with fever. Other presenting symptoms include abnormal liver function tests, changes in ostomy output, bloody intestinal discharge, altered intestinal motility, increased reducing substances in the stool associated with carbohydrate malabsorption, and sepsis from bacterial translocation across the bowel wall. In cases of severe rejection, it is recom mended to administer an enteric decontaminant solution containing antibiotic and antifungal agents.

The classic classification of rejection is based on a histopathologic grading that encompasses mild, moderate, and severe categories. Rejection can demonstrate a geographical distribution. As such, to obtain an adequate diagnosis it is necessary to obtain multiple biopsies. Biopsy specimens at the ostomy site may show local trauma and inflammatory processes that may not reflect the status of the remaining portions of the intestine.

A more recent approach to the evaluation of rejection is by means of an endoscopic examination with visual magnification. Mucosal changes suggest the degree of damage, and, as such, the severity of rejection. It is recommended however, to perform multiple biopsies that include even normal looking mucosa to detect early changes.

Serum citrulline has also been found to be a marker of intestinal allograft rejection Treatment of rejection in with use of steroids, increases in immunosuppression levels, or administration of antibody preparations such as OKT3. According to the experience at the University of Miami, the presence of at least one episode of severe rejection is associated with diminished graft survival.

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