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Another topic of debate is whether the redundant sigmoid colon should or should not be resected at suture rectopexy. When Frykman and Goldberg (1969) described resection rectopexy, the original rationale of the resection was to suspend the left colon from the splenic flexure to prevent recurrence.

It is apparent today that this is not needed when the low recurrence rates in most series evaluating abdominal prolapse repair. On the other hand, the use of resection may decrease the risk for postoperative constipation symptoms. A higher rate of new or persisting constipation has been reported in three additional trials in patients treated with sling rectopexy alone versus those treated with suture rec-topexy and sigmoid resection.

Sometimes patients are not relieved of preexisting constipation despite a sigmoid resection at the time of rec-topexy and on occasion subtotal colectomy with rectopexy may be the appropriate surgical method for carefully selected patients with severe slow transit constipation (Madoff et al, 1992). The risk for postoperative fecal incontinence may however be substantial, as many of these patients will have loose stools postoperatively.

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