Salvage Therapy Surgery

The timing of surgical intervention in NVUGIB is controversial. The issue is that early surgery can prevent recurrent bleeding that may be fatal, whereas, on the other hand, a high operative rate will include patients whose bleeding may not have recurred, some of whom will die as a direct result of postoperative complications. There are very few randomized trials on the topic of the timing of surgery in ulcer bleeding and the likelihood of additional trials is lessening given the decrease in volume of ulcer operations as a result of progress in endoscopic management and Helicobacter pylori eradication.

In general, salvage therapy with surgery is recommended if the site of bleeding cannot be identified at endoscopy or if arterial spurting is not controlled by endoscopic methods. When the bleeding is so severe that the patient is in hypovolemic shock, then early surgery is advisable. In younger, more resilient patients, the mortality is less which allows for a more conservative approach.

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