Scope of the Problem

Crude mortality rates for AN are on the order of 5% per decade of follow-up, or roughly 10 times the rate for age-matched, healthy controls; causes of increased mortality include consequences of prolonged starvation and suicide (Herzog et al, 2000). The incidence of AN and BN has been increasing over the last quarter century. Among females, lifetime prevalence is 0.5% for AN and 1 to 3% for BN. Among men, prevalence rates of both disorders are roughly one-tenth those for women (American Psychiatric Association, 2000).

Constipation Prescription

Constipation Prescription

Did you ever think feeling angry and irritable could be a symptom of constipation? A horrible fullness and pressing sharp pains against the bladders can’t help but affect your mood. Sometimes you just want everyone to leave you alone and sleep to escape the pain. It is virtually impossible to be constipated and keep a sunny disposition. Follow the steps in this guide to alleviate constipation and lead a happier healthy life.

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