Somatization Disorder

Somatization Disorder (or Briquet's Syndrome) describes a chronic pattern of behavior—dating at least to early adulthood—of complaints about many symptoms across multiple body systems that result in medical consultation, work interruption, or self-medication, and do not lead to evidence of medical illness sufficient to justify those complaints. This behavior pattern is not uncommon; epidemiologically, it is observed in 0.1 to 2.0% of the general population, perhaps 5% of medical outpatients, and 9% of medical inpatients. These patients by definition do not have major psychiatric illness, and pursuit of physical causes for each of their symptoms may lead to repeated invasive procedures and the surgical removal of a great deal of healthy tissue. Recourse to physicians and pursuit of investigations indeed become habituated as a constant feature rather than a troubling interruption of normal life. There is a high proportion of personality disorder, including antisocial disorder, among these patients. Characteristically, they have both extraverted and obsessive traits of personality—they may be very suggestible about physical sensations and, once so impressed, they may be hard put to "let go" of their uneasy feelings even when they are reassured. Their life stories are often organized around themes of the losing struggle against encroaching illness, and family histories reveal that these dramas are often multigenerational.

Constipation Prescription

Constipation Prescription

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