Strip Biopsy

After the submucosal injection, the open polypectomy snare is placed around a portion of the lesion and pressed against the mucosa. Excess air is aspirated from the hollow organ to decrease distension and to allow the grasp of the targeted lesion. After snare excision, air is again insufflated to visualize the resected area and the residual tissue to be removed. The size of the specimen obtained with this procedure ranges between 10 to 15 mm and larger lesions must be resected by piecemeal.

This technique was modified by using a double channel endoscope. A polypectomy snare is open around the lesion and the lesion itself is then lifted with a grasping forceps. The use of a monofilament polypectomy snare has been used without submucosal injection. Seven early SCC (5 to 30 mm) were resected, and no local recurrence was observed. Strip biopsy can be difficult to perform in certain parts of the stomach (upper lesser curvature, posterior wall, and cardia) or in removing interhaustral flat polyps of the colon.

Constipation Prescription

Constipation Prescription

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