The Three Stages of Endoscope Reprocessing

As discussed, several organizations have published their own set of endoscope reprocessing guidelines. Although each organization's guidelines may be uniquely formatted or organized in a slightly differ manner, each is in general agreement with the other, with a few exceptions that may be clinically significant. For instance, whereas The Association ofperiOperative Registered Nurses (AORN) recommends reprocessing the endoscope in the morning immediately before the first patient, ASGE and SGNA instead recommend drying the endoscope after reprocessing and before storage, a practice that is significantly less expensive and time consuming and prevents patient infection caused by bacterial colonization in the endoscope's channels during storage. AORN's guidelines also do not recommend drying the endoscope after reprocessing it using a specific AER labeled to achieve "sterilization" and to rinse the endoscope with "sterile" filtered water. According to AORN's guidelines (and the manufacturer of the AER), drying the endoscope after reprocessing in this uniquely labeled AER is superfluous and unnecessary. Other organizations, however, suggest a more evidence-based and standardized approach and instead recommend drying the endoscope after completion of each reprocessing cycle irrespective of whether using tap water, bacteria-free water, or sterile water for rinsing. In general, however, differences between published endoscope reprocessing guidelines represent the exception, not the rule. Most published guidelines are in agreement with one another and with the operating instructions provided by the endoscope's manufacturer (and AER's manufacturer).

In general, endoscope reprocessing can be divided into three stages: cleaning, high-level disinfection, and drying (and proper handling and storage). If each of these three stages is performed in strict accordance with manufacturers' instructions and organizations' guidelines, the likelihood of disease transmission via a GI endoscope is remote. As discussed, deviations in these guidelines, however slight, can result in exogenous infection during GI endoscopy.

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