Transplantation Isolated Intestinal Transplantation

The jejunum and ileum is transplanted. An ileostomy is usually created to allow for postoperative endoscopic follow up. A feeding tube is usually placed to allow for enteral feeding in cases where the patient has lost or never acquired eating habits (Nucci et al, 2002; Iyer et al, 2002). A gastrojejunos-tomy tube is preferred at some centers to allow for enteral feeding with simultaneous decompression of the stomach. Venous drainage of the intestinal allograft can be into the systemic (IVC) or portal (portal vein) circulation. A minimal segment of cecum may be included with the graft to preserve the ileocecal valve. This allows for better physiologic results in recipients with no functional remaining colon.

Constipation Prescription

Constipation Prescription

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