Bacterial Index BI

0 = No bacilli seen 1+ = 1-10 bacilli in 100 oil immersion fields 2+ = 1-10 bacilli in 10 oil immersion fields 3+ = 1-10 bacilli in 1 oil immersion field 4+ = 10-100 bacilli in an average oil immersion field 5+ = 100-1000 bacilli in an average oil immersion field 6+ = >1000 bacilli in an average oil immersion field

Suspect a dermatophyte fungal infection in any chronic, itching, scaling, slowly developing lesion with epidermal changes.

Tinea imbricata due to Tricophyton concentricum is characterised by superficial concentric scaling rings spreading across the trunk. It occurs mainly in Asia but also in other tropical areas.

Tinea nigra occurs in the tropical areas of America, Asia, and Australia. Brown or black macules are seen on the palms and soles. It is due to Cladosporium werneckii.

Piedra is a fungal infection of the hair producing hard nodular lesions on the hair shaft. The lesions may be black (due to Piedra hortai) or white piedra (due to Trichosporum

Favus is widespread throughout the Mediterranean, the Middle East, and tropics, but is rare in Africa. It is due to an endothrix fungus—Trichophyton schoenleinii—which causes a thick yellow crust with an unpleasant odour. Erythematous areas of scarring occur that must be differentiated from lichen planus and other causes of scarring alopecia.

Superficial fungal infection
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