Erythema infectiosum fifth disease

• Age. Erythema infectiosum affects children aged two to 10 years, mainly girls.

• Incubation lasts five to 20 days.

• Prodromal symptoms. There are usually none, but there may be a slight fever with initial rash.

• Initial rash. The initial rash is a hot, erythematous eruption on the cheeks—hence the "slapped cheek syndrome". Over two to four days a maculopapular eruption develops on the arms, legs, and trunk.

• Development and resolution. The rash extends to affect hands, feet, and mucous membranes, then fades over one to two weeks.

• Diagnosis is made by finding a specific IgM antibody to parvovirus B19.

• Complications. There are no reported dermatological complications but haematological disorders such as thrombocytopenia, arthropathy, and fetal abnormalities may be associated.

Erythema infectiosum

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