Skin types and sun

• Type 1—Never tans, freckles, red hair, blue eyes

• Type 2—Tans with difficulty, less freckled

• Type 4—Always tans, Mediterranean skin

Aborigines do not get skin cancer
Light spectrum (UVC = ultraviolet C, UVB = ultraviolet B, UVA=ultraviolet A)
Diurnal variation in UV intensity of light from sun

efficient than previously, particularly those with a sun protection factor greater than 30; they are now water resistant, and most have a broad spectrum, protecting against ultraviolet B and ultraviolet A. This is important because there is now increasing evidence that ultraviolet A is important in the development of skin cancer.

• Exposure to midday sun, particularly in tropical or subtropical latitudes, should be avoided. At this time of the day the sunlight passes vertically through the atmosphere and there is less filtering of dangerous ultraviolet light. So remember the adage: "Between eleven and three, stay under a tree" in the summer months.

Effects of sun

Short term

• Photosensitivity Long term

• Skin wrinkling

• Telangiectasia

• Hyper and hypopigmentation

• Solar elastosis

• Actinic keratosis

• Seborrhoeic warts

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