Subcutaneous myiasis

Invasion of the skin by the larvae of the tumbu (mango) fly (Cordylobia anthropophaga) in central and southern Africa causes this condition. The fly lays her eggs on clothes layed out to dry on the ground. The eggs hatch out two days later on contact with the warm skin when the clothes are put on. The larvae burrow into the skin causing a red painful or itchy papule or nodule, predominantly on the trunk, buttocks, and thighs.

Other flies that cause miyasis are:

• Dermatobia hominis—tropical bot fly, in Mexico, central, and south America with tender nodules developing on the scalp, legs, forearms, and face.

• Aucheronia sp.—Congo floor maggot, in central and southern Africa. Bites of the larvae cause intense irritation.

• Callitroga sp. in central America causing inflamed lesions with necrosis.

Congo Floor Maggot Bite




Iron the clothes before wearing them. Treatment

Cover the nodule with petroleum jelly or other grease; the larva will be unable to breath and will crawl out.

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