Mucosal PV

Dsg3 Dsgl

Muco-cutan. PV

Fig. 6. Immunological diagnosis of pemphigus. A. Direct immunofluorescence: intercellular IgG deposits of the patients' epidermis. B. Indirect immunofluorescence: intercellular serum IgG reactivity with epithelial cells of monkey esophagus. Ab reactivity by immunoblot analysis with recombinant Dsg1 and Dsg3. PF sera contain Ab against Dsg1. Mucosal PV is characterized by auto-Ab against Dsg3; mucocutaneous PV is associated with anti-Dsg3 and anti-Dsg1 auto-Ab aggressive course than the Hallopeau type (Ahmed and Blose 1984). With regard to auto-Ab specificity and direct immunofluorescence, pemphigus vegetans is indistinguishable from PV (Hashimoto et al. 1995a).

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