Acknowledgment of support

We were fortunate to receive support from many agencies and institutions while working on the book. The following list is an acknowledgment of support for the many research activities that formed part of the Algebraic Statistics for Computational Biology book project.

Niko Beerenwinkel was funded by Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) under Grant No. BE 3217/1-1. David Bryant was supported by NSERC grant number 238975-01 and FQRNT grant number 2003-NC-81840. Marta Casanel-las was partially supported by RyC program of "Ministerio de Ciencia y Tecnologia", BFM2003-06001 and BI02000-1352-C02-02 of "Plan Nacional I+D" of Spain. Anat Caspi was funded through the Genomics Training Grant at UC Berkeley: NIH 5-T32-HG00047. Mark Contois was partially supported by NSF grant DEB-0207090. Mathias Drton was support by NIH grant R01-HG02362-03. Dan Levy was supported by NIH grant GM 68423 and NSF grant DMS 9971169. Radu Mihaescu was supported by the Hertz foundation. Raaz Sain-udiin was partly supported by a joint DMS/NIGMS grant 0201037. Sagi Snir was supported by NIH grant R01-HG02362-03. Kevin Woods was supported by NSF Grant DMS 0402148. Eric Kuo, Seth Sullivant and Josephine Yu were supported by NSF graduate research fellowships.

Lior Pachter was supported by NSF CAREER award CCF 03-47992, NIH grant R01-HG02362-03 and a Sloan Research Fellowship. He also acknowledges support from the Programs for Genomic Application (NHLBI). Bernd Sturmfels was supported by NSF grant DMS 0200729 and the Clay Mathematics Institute (July 2004). He was the Hewlett-Packard Research Fellow at the Mathematical Sciences Research Institute (MSRI) Berkeley during the year 2003-2004 which allowed him to study computational biology.

Finally, we thank staff at the University of California at Berkeley, Universitat de Barcelona (2001SGR-00071), the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and MSRI for extending hospitality to visitors at various times during which the book was being written.

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