Information Processing Model

In defining biofeedback training, the concept that the individual is "fed" "back" information about biologi-

Biofeedback cal responses that he or she is not aware of is important. This information provides a sensory analog of the currently occurring physiological responses. Information is provided to the individual at the same instant that the physiological activity is occurring or after a very brief delay. Therefore, some part of the output of a process is now introduced into the input of a process so as to alter the information processing. According to the information processing model, biofeedback stimuli can be conceived of as a symbolic representation of the physiological event, and the individual engages in a response to either reduce or enhance the biofeedback stimuli, resulting in changes in the physiological responses themselves. Research in this area may evaluate different types of feedback stimuli to determine the best display of information. This may include examining the differences between auditory and visual feedback.

Biofeedback Mastery

Biofeedback Mastery

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