Coping with Stress

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Anita DeLongis and Sarah Newth

University of British Columbia

I. Concept of Coping

II. Determinants of Coping Responses

III. Ways of Coping

IV. Final Comments

Coping Cognitive and behavioral efforts to manage stress.

Emotion-Focused Coping Coping responses that are geared toward managing one's emotions during stressful episodes.

Problem-Focused Coping Coping responses that are geared toward directly changing some aspect of the stressful situation.

Relationship-Focused Coping Coping responses that are geared toward managing and maintaining one's social relationships during stressful episodes. Stress Situations that the person cognitively appraises as taxing or exceeding his or her resources.

COPING refers to a person's cognitive and behavioral responses to a stressful situation. This article reviews literature on coping with stressful experiences. It discusses the antecedents and consequences of various strategies for coping with stress, including the role of coping in health and well-being. It describes three functions of coping: problem-focused, emotion-focused, and relationship-focused.

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Beating Stress

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