Principles Of Sexual Dysfunction Therapy

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After assessment of the exact nature of the dysfunction and possible etiological factors, two basic steps mark the early stages of therapy: managing anxiety and education. Quite often, the partners find it difficult to discuss sexual problems with each other or with the therapist, and the underlying lack of sexual education may well contribute to this and to sexual anxiety. Simple reading materials often allow the therapist to discuss problems, offer solutions, and peg the treatment planning. This basic education is often crucial in sex therapy.

Anxiety management is usually carried out in a number of ways—from physical muscle relaxation to yoga training or using tai chi or the Alexander technique. A valuable part of this anxiety management is the process of "despectatoring," which encourages individuals to get away from focusing on the sexual act and instead allowing relaxation in their physical and intimate contact. If the therapist discovers that there are underlying angry or depressive feelings, these may need to be treated medically or with psychological interventions. Bad feelings about sex, oneself, or one's partner need to be aired and discussed at length. If there is any underlying relationship discord, it would need to be assessed and managed. Sometimes this work may need to precede sexual dysfunction therapy.

The principles of managing sexual dysfunction

Sexual Dysfunction Therapy from a psychological perspective are described in detail below. In the first instance, it is necessary to deal with physical management of sexual dysfunction.

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