Individual Treatment

The exact number of battered women who receive individual therapy for their problems is unknown. Clearly, one difference in who obtains individual treatment is socioeconomic status. The ability to pay is associated with private therapy, although some community mental health centers accept low-fee clients that may include battered women. It is interesting to note that the socioeconomic status of women who are abused usually does not reflect the total household income. Many battered women are denied access to money and so must rely on public services. An additional constraint is that of using insurance to obtain treatment. Often insurance companies reimburse the account holder, who is not atypically the abuser. Efforts to keep treatment information confidential and away from the spouse might prove unsuccessful and thus are not worth the risk to some battered women.

Women enter individual therapy for a number of reasons, most often having to do with relationships and emotional disturbances such as depression. Battered women who are able to find a supportive therapist, one who understands the dynamics of woman abuse, can build the therapeutic, bridging relationship needed to explore their current lives.

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Unraveling Alzheimers Disease

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