What is chronic progressive MS

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Both secondary progressive and relapsing progressive MS were referred to as chronic progressive in the past. The term chronic progressive is no longer used. Primary progressive patients were also sometimes referred to as chronic progressive. Importantly, if an MS

Rapidly progressive MS

a very aggressive form of MS in which the disease advances quickly and relentlessly, leading to rapid disability and death. Also called malignant MS, Marburg's variant of acute MS, or fulminant MS.

Gene the smallest amount of DNA in chromosomes or mitochondria that codes for a heritable characteristic or feature.

Immunosuppressive therapy any treatment that results in decreased immune responses. HIV

human immunodeficiency virus, the AIDS virus.


the older term for primary progressive MS, commonly used prior to the modern era of imaging.

Cervical spondylosis a disease in which the disks between the vertebral bodies in the neck extrude like mortar between bricks. Sometimes the disks will compress the spinal cord, producing "MS-like" symptoms of weakness and loss of sensation in the legs. The disease process can result in pressure on nerve roots as they leave the spinal canal, resulting in weakness and/or pain in the arms and hands.

patient has never had an attack followed by a remission, they are diagnosed as having primary progressive MS. However, if an MS patient begins as a primary progressive but then has an onset of new problems followed by improvement, they then are rediagnosed as "relapsing progressive."

Many neurologists in the past have concluded that there are many more types of MS, but these are not easily characterized or recognized clinically. Therefore, they are no help in determining prognosis or in evaluating the effects of therapy.

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