Will I regain my bladder control

The loss of bladder function occurs in a proportion of patients. With acute attacks when control of voiding is lost, recovery follows promptly. However, from several older studies of patients with long-term follow-up, it is apparent than eventually about two thirds of the patients may be left with some impairment of bladder function.

Expert care of the bladder is important in all patients. Prompt and effective management of infections and measures taken to prevent infections are primary issues. Many urologists are less interested in medical urology and lack appropriate diagnostic equipment to

Urology the field of medical care dealing with diseases of the kidneys bladder and associated structures including the ureters, urethra, etc.

evaluate patients fully. All patients with bladder or kidney infections should have appropriate urine specimens submitted for examination and culture before taking antibiotics. If the organism identified appears resistant to the antibiotic originally prescribed and the patient is not responding to treatment, a more appropriate antibiotic can be selected from the culture report. With effective treatment of infection, the bladder is likely to function more normally than one that is chronically irritated. Drugs that reduce the irritability of the bladder can be helpful but do not replace antibiotics for infections.


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