Illusory pigmentation Dark colour is visible because of the cuticle and thin nail fold transparency and not because of melanin localization within these tissues Proximal nail fold of dark-skinned persons—lateral nail folds not involved; LM may be present or absent; often exaggerated in thumbs May recur after surgical removal Macular pigmentation of lips, mouth and genitalia; one or several fingers involved Hyperpigmentation of fingers and toes, macular pigmentation of buccal mucosa and lips Diffuse tanning of both exposed and non-exposed portions of the body; bluish-black discoloration of the mucous membranes of the lips and mouth Treatment for finger dermatitis, psoriasis and chronic paronychia

Polydactylous involvement Polydactylous involvement Polydactylous involvement; zidovudine produces similar features

Due to friction, nail biting and picking, or boxing Pigment recurrence after biopsy of LM in acquired and congenital melanocytic naevi, often striking cytologic atypia

Monodactylous; initial increase in dyschromia followed by subsequent pigment regression;

Ethnic pigmentation

Naevoid lentigo

Laugier-Hunziker-Baran syndrome

Peutz-Jeghers syndrome Addison's disease

X-ray therapy

Malnutrition Minocycline AIDS patients


Congenital or acquired naevus after biopsy

Regressing naevoid melanosis in childhood perplexing disorder Subungual haematoma Exceptionally, blood spreads to nail folds and the hyponychial area

Silver nitrate For treatment of granulation tissue; may produce a black halo

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