Chronic paronychia

Chronic paronychia is an inflammatory disorder of the proximal nail fold, typically affecting hands that are continually exposed to a wet environment and repeated minor trauma causing cuticle damage. When the cuticle is torn or lost, the epidermal barrier of the proximal nail fold is impaired and the nail fold is then exposed to a large number of environmental hazards. Irritants and allergens may easily penetrate the proximal nail fold and produce contact dermatitis that is responsible for the chronic inflammation. A variety of immediate hypersensitivity (type I) reaction to food ingredients may be seen. Sometimes irritant reaction may precede it.

The condition is prevalent in people in contact with water, soap, detergents and other chemicals (Figure 5.3); it is particularly associated with housework. There is also a high incidence among chefs, bartenders, confectioners and fishmongers. The index and middle finger of the left hand are most often affected, these being the digits most subject to minor trauma such as rubbing during hand-washing

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