Stickon nail dressing

Also known as 'press-on nails', this consists of a very thin, coloured synthetic film with an adhesive which fixes it firmly to the nail.

Press-on nails may be used to hide nail discolouration or mild dystrophies. They may cause side effects that vary considerably in intensity from patient to patient: flaking, roughness, ridging, onycholysis, disappearance of the lunula and disorganization of the nail plate which may be delaminated and broken off. Mild paronychial inflammation with loss of the cuticle may be seen.

In some instances 9-12 months will pass before the nails entirely return to normal. The effect on the nail is simply traumatic, not allergic, a combination of the impermeability of the adhering film and the cumulative trauma to the nail plate when the film is repeatedly pulled off.

Natural Treatments For Psoriasis

Natural Treatments For Psoriasis

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