Indications for Dacryocystography

The indications for dacryocystography are as follows:

1. Complete obstructions: the size of the sac; determination of the exact location of an obstruction (common canaliculus, sac)

2. Incomplete obstructions and intermitent tearing: location of the stenosis; diverticuli; stones; and no anatomical pathology (functional disorders)

3. Failed lacrimal surgery: size of the sac

4. Suspicion of sac tumors Performance

The DCG is performed in the supine position under topical anesthesia. The puncta are dilated and a can-nula (irrigation canula) attached with syringe containing a water-soluble contrast medium is inserted and taped into position. After an intracanalicular injection under pressure, a film is taken.

Bilateral studies give a chance to compare both sides [10].

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