Newborn With Low Set Ears

Trisomy Mosaicism
Figure 4.8. Another infant with trisomy 8 shows the dysplastic craniofacial features (short nose, broad nasal bridge, prominent nares, wide philtrum, thin upper lip, and low-set ears with thick helices).

Figure 4.7. Trisomy 8 syndrome is usually a trisomy 8/normal mosaicism. Note die dysmorphic craniofacial features, microg-nathia, postural deformity of the hands, cryptorchidism with bilateral inguinal herniae, and absence of the patellae.

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  • andrea
    Are low set ears a sign of anything in newborns?
    6 months ago
  • Bruno
    Which condition would the nurse associate with a finding of lowset ears in a 3dayold newborn?
    3 months ago
  • simon
    What do you do with newborn with low set earw?
    2 months ago

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