Umbilical Hernia

Figure 4.12. In the trisomy 13 syndrome (Patau's syndrome) there is microcephaly, a sloping forehead, grossly abnormal ears, micrognathia, and polydactyly. In this infant, in addition to these findings, there was a scalp defect and atresia of the external auditory canals. In trisomy 13 syndrome other findings include microphthalmia, anophthalmia, hypo- or hypertelorism, depressed nasal bridge, bilateral cleft lip and/or palate, congenital heart disease, omphalocele, large umbilical hernia, renal anomalies, flexion and overlapping of the fingers, single palmar crease, and a prominent heel giving rise to "rocker-bottom" feet. If the infant sur-

Newborn Umbilical Hernia Pictures


Microcephaly Adulthood

Figure 4.13. Trisomy 13 in another infant showing microcephaly, microtia with low-set ears, and micrognathia. This same infant had bilateral glaucoma.

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