Donohue Syndrome

Xray Infant Neck
Figure 3.89. X-ray of die neck in Larsen's syndrome.
Larsen Syndrome

Figure 3.90. This infant with leprechaunism (Donohue's syndrome) demonstrates the very severe intrauterine growth retardation. The infant had a birth weight of 750 g at a gestational age of 37 weeks. At age 3 weeks the weight was 780 g. Note the marked hirsutism, sunken cheeks, pointed chin, large mouth, thick lips, wide nostrils, large eyes, large ears, and enlarged clitoris.

Enlarged ClitorisLeprechaunism Gum Hyperplasia

Figure 3.91. A close-up of the face of the same infant as in Figure 3.90 at the age of 3 weeks again shows the severe growth retardation, sunken cheeks, pointed chin, large mouth, large eyes that have a very alert expression, and large ears. Note the gingival hyperplasia.

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