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Labial Mucocele

Figure 1.97. Note the mucoceles on the lower lip of this premature infant (birthweight 1200 g). Mucoceles are not true cysts but rather collections of mucus surrounded by connective tissue. They usually occur on the lower lip, are not common, and require no treatment. Differential diagnosis includes herpetic lesions.

Figure 1.98. Congenital epulis may occur as a small or very large mass that protrudes from the mouth as a large tumor. They may be pedunculated and are of firm consistency. They usually occur in the region of the maxillary alveolar mucosa and are a form of embryonal hamartoma. A large epulis needs excision and rarely


Mucous Retention Cyst The Tongue

Figure 1.99. This bluish fluctuant transparent swelling in the anterior part of the floor of the mouth is a ranula which is a retention cyst arising from the sublingual gland. The term ranula originates from its similarity to the inflated bladder of a frog's throat. Ranula is a diminutive of Rana species of frog. Large ranulas need excision but the smaller lesions resolve spontaneously. Note the diastema in the upper jaw.

Figure 1.100. Traumatic ulcer on the lower lip of a neonate as a result of orotracheal intubation for resus-


Figure 1.101. Aglossia and cleft palate in an otherwise normal infant. Aglossia occurs more frequently in the aglossia/hypoglossia adactylia syndrome. Due to the absence of a normal tongue, note how easily the cleft palate is seen. On the buccal mucosa note the oral candidiasis (thrush).

Figure 1.102. Note the small hypoplastic tongue (hypoglossia) posteriorly in this otherwise normal infant. This condition is more commonly associated with digital anomalies in the aglossia/hypoglos-sia adactylia syndrome.

Figure 1.100. Traumatic ulcer on the lower lip of a neonate as a result of orotracheal intubation for resus-

Newborn Oral Mucosa

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