Figure 2.98. This figure depicts active retinopadiy of prematurity: stage 2 (ridge).

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Figure 2.99. This figure depicts active retinopadiy of prematurity: stage 3 (ridge with extraretinal fibrovas-cular proliferation).


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Figure 2.100. This figure depicts active retinopathy of prematurity: stage 4a (partial retinal detachment not involving the macula). More severe forms of retinal detachment (not shown) are stage 4b (partial retinal detachment involving the macula) and stage 5 (total retinal detachment).



Retinal Detachment Rop

Figure 2.101. In this retinal montage there is zone I retinopadiy of prematurity (stage 3 with plus disease). The same magnification is used in all four of the ROP montages.

Figure 2.102. A retinal montage which shows zone II retinopadiy of prematurity (stage 4a with plus disease).

Figure 2.103. In this photograph note the vessels of the iris collarette which are engorged, making dilatation of the pupil difficult.

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