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Figure 3.49. A posterior encephalocele in an infant may be difficult to distinguish from a cervical meningocele. It is both a posterior encephalocele and cervical myelomeningocele when there is involvement of both the bony skull and spine. Cervical myelomeningoceles are usually not associated with other neurologic abnormalities.

Posterior Encephalocele PicturesMeningocele Occipital
Figure 3.50. Inferior view with transillumination of the posterior structure in an occipital encephalocele. In a cranial encephalocele there is a herniation of meninges through a skull defect.

Figure 3.51. Infant with a posterior small occipital encephalo-cele. Occipital encephalocele present as a protruding soft tissue mass from the base of the skull.

Figure 3.52. Posterior encephaloceles may be distinguished from associated cervical spine abnormalities by MRI.

Figure 3.53. Transillumination of the posterior encephalocele in the same infant.

Figure 3.53. Transillumination of the posterior encephalocele in the same infant.

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