Figure 3.91. Clefts or "lips" demonstrated in the right hemisphere in the MRI of the head of an infant with schizencephaly. The lips of the clefts may become widely separated and massive dilation of the ventricles may occur. This can result in a striking degree of transillumination of the skull with an incorrect diagnosis of hydranencephaly. Infants who survive have severe seizures with marked spasticity (sometimes preceded by hypoto-nia), and severe retardation.

Hydranencephaly Mri
Figure 3.92. Angiogram of an infant who presented with severe congestive heart failure. Note the large arteriovenous malformation of the great vein of Galen. These malformations have been diagnosed both pre-and postnatally with the use of ultrasonography, CT scan, or MRI.


Premature Baby Blood Brain

Figure 3.93. Autopsy specimen of the brain of a premature infant who suffered from a large subarachnoid hemorrhage. Note the bleeding especially around the temporal lobes.

Figure 3.94. Autopsy specimens of the brains of two infants showing massive hemorrhage. Top, hemorrhages at the base of the brain. Bottom, massive bilateral intraven-tricular hemorrhages.

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