After Circumcision

Figure 2.32. Forty-eight hours after circumcision at the age of 3 days, this infant developed cellulitis and inflammatory change of the glans and penis. There was thrombocytopenia and positive blood culture for Staphylococcus aureus.

Figure 2.33. Bilateral prepatellar bursitis in a very active neonate who abraded her knees. Aspiration of the purulent material yielded group B Streptococcus. The knee joints, per se, were not affected. This complication is extremely rare. (Edwards, M.)

Figure 2.34. Marked cellulitis of the right side of the face in a neonate with group B streptococcal infection. There was a positive blood culture for group B Streptococcus.

Figure 2.35. Beta hemolytic streptococcal sepsis is rare in neonates. This infant had a generalized scarla-tiniform rash. Cultures were positive for group A Streptococcus (bacitracin-sensitive).

Figure 2.36. In the same infant as in Figure 2.35, note the marked desquamation of the skin 1 week later. This is similar to the typical desquamation in scarlatina in older children.

Beta Hemolysis Streptococcus

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