Newborn Has Skin Tags In Mouth

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Figure 1.73. A baby with a tail. Vestigial tails are rarely seen in the neonate. They may consist of soft tissue only, as in this infant, or may contain osseous structures.

Skin Tag Near Mandible Newborn
Figure 1.74. Note the preauricu-lar and facial skin tags in this otherwise normal infant. Preauricular skin tags are extremely common, but the presence of skin tags between the ear and comer of the mouth would suggest a diagnosis of Goldenhar's syndrome.

Figure 1.75. Midline skin and tissue band between the jaw and lower sternum in an otherwise normal infant.

Figure 1.76. A midline skin tag of the chin. This consisted of soft tissue only. The radiograph of the mandible was normal.

Figure 1.77. This infant has redundancy of the skin in die neck which was present at birdi. It was related to die infant's position in utero in diat the head was flexed on the right upper chest, resulting in the tight skin. There may be a small amount of redundant skin in the neck normally, but when there is enough to cause visible folds or webs on the lateral neck, prenatal edema in the region is almost certain to be the cause. Extensive redundancy of neck skin is seen in a number of dysmorphic conditions (e.g., Turner's and Noonan's syndromes). Once localized skin growth has taken place, it does not easily reconstitute itself if the distending forces are removed.

Skin Tag Mouth

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