Listeriosis Disease

Figure 2.41. Haemophilus influenzae cellulitis of die prepatellar area in a neonate. Note the violaceous discoloration. This is very typical of Haemophilus influen-zae cellulitis. The infant may be very ill with diis type of infection. Cellulitis can occur as a result of infection widi many other organisms.

Figure 2.42. In this infant with congenital listeriosis, skin lesions were present over the entire body at birth. These increased in number. The infant had severe respiratory distress and had a congenital pneumonia due to listeriosis. The amniotic fluid was brown in color and Listeria mono-cytogenes was cultured from both skin lesions and the blood. Chocolate-brown amniotic fluid is typically seen in listeriosis. If meconium staining is reported in premature infants of less than 32 weeks gestation listerial infection may be the cause. A good site for culture of the organism is the meconium or stool.

Pictures Listeriosis Infection
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