Swollen Labia Majora

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Figure 4.28. In this infant who was a breech presentation note the edema, bruising, and ecchymosis. In breech presentations the perineum, buttocks, and thighs may be severely bruised.

Figure 4.29. This infant is another example of a breech presentation. Note the extended legs and the equivalent of a caput over the right buttock, which was the presenting part.

Figure 4.30. Bruising of male genitalia due to a breech presentation. Note the marked swelling of the scrotum and penis. In rare cases testicular trauma may occur.

Breech Birth



Labium Minus Swollen

Figure 4.31. Breech presentation in a female infant with marked bruising and swelling of the genitalia. Note the swollen labia majora and bruised labia minora.

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