Poor appliance design

Failure to adequately retain the appliance, or incorporate as many teeth into the anchor block as possible are common causes of anchorage loss. If fixed appliances are used, as many

Orthodontic Bowing EffectSafety FacebowNeckstrap Headgear

Fig. 8a A neck strap. Note the snap away safety mechanism

Occipital High Pull Headgear

Fig. 8b An occipital (high pull) headgear again with a snap away safety system

Variable Pull Headgear
Fig. 8c A variable pull Interlandii headgear. A rigid plastic strip is employed as a safety mechanism to prevent the facebow disengaging from the molar bands and coming out of the mouth

Fig. 8d,e The end of the facebow can be re-curved to improve safety

Headgear FacebowNurse Neck Strap

Fig. 8f,g A plastic coated facebow together with a safety neck-strap

Fig. 8h,i A Samuels locking spring. This secures the face bow to the tube preventing accidental disengagement. This should be used in conjunction with a safety neck strap or snap away headgear

anchor teeth as possible should be banded in order to produce optimum anchorage. Removable appliances should have adequate retention using appropriate well-adjusted cribs or clasps with as much contact with the teeth and oral mucosa as possible.

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