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Prescription freedom is a product that helps individuals free up themselves from drug prescriptions. It is based on ancient natural solutions and applicable to all people irrespective of age and gender. It is a product of Kevin Christianson, once a victim of drug prescriptions but now free from such chains. The ancient remedies recommended can quickly give you power and reverse any kind of illness that plagues your heart. More importantly, the program has been found to be effective even to those with difficulties in weight management, blood pressure, depression, and diabetes among other conditions. It is about natural solutions that attack your problem from the core. By means of simple booster tricks unleashed in the guide, your body will be rejuvenated to prevent the disease along with harmful bacteria from getting into your body. In case the product does not serve you as expected, feel free to claim for a refund. There is a 60-day money back guarantee and unlike other products, you will still maintain ownership of the course along with all the bonuses.

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Prescription Drugs

The cost of prescription drugs is increasing much faster than the cost of any other major component of health care spending see Figure 5 . It is noteworthy that spending on prescription drugs has risen sharply since the introduction of direct-to-consumer (DTC) marketing. Drug companies spend approximately 20 billion per year on advertising and promotion roughly the same amount that they spend on research and development.16 Few physicians have escaped the pressure brought to bear by patients who have heard the promise of a better life in advertisements, and few have been able to resist the ensuing demand for prescriptions. How this category of spending will be affected by the Medicare prescription drug provision enacted in 2003 remains to be seen, but this provision is not generally expected to slow the rate of growth. On the basis of projections developed before the enactment of this law, prescription drug expenditures were expected to account for one seventh of total health care...

Assessing Alcohol and Substance Abuse in the Elderly

Tobacco, alcohol, and prescription drugs (usually anxiolytics) are the most abused drugs in the elderly. Indeed, alcohol consumption both reduces thiamine uptake and interacts with prescription drug use, a fact that is further complicated by the reduced capacity of elderly persons for clearing such drugs. Thus, use of both types of substances may carry a risk for health problems that increases with age. Moreover, the elderly may not recognize that their relatively nonprob-lematic levels of consumption at younger ages may cause problems in later life. Second, and perhaps most helpful, are in-home assessments. In addition to standard consumption interviews and listing the prescriptions and home remedies that the elderly use, other data and relatively unobtrusive observations can be employed. These include a history of falls, grooming, odors present in the house (also, obviously, useful for an assessment of tobacco use), bruises at the level of furniture, tremors, incontinence, and many...

Older Children and Adults

Complete restriction of lactose for a limited time (1 to 2 weeks) is sometimes useful to ascertain the specificity of the diagnosis. After this period, these patients can experiment to find a level of lactose they can tolerate. In some patients, dairy products like aged cheeses (cheddar, Swiss, Parmesan or Romano), ice cream, or yogurt are more easily accepted without symptoms, especially if taken with other food. Most people can build up their level of tolerance by gradually introducing the lactose-containing foods. In general, many will be able to enjoy dairy products if they take them in small amounts or eat other kinds of food at the same time in order to delay gastric emptying. People who have a very low tolerance of lactose need to know that lactose is often added to prepared foods, even to products labeled nondairy (Table 62-2). People with severe lactose intolerance can be even affected by lactose used as a base for more than 20 of prescription drugs (ie, birth control pills)...

The Bias against Treating a Presumed Lack of Willpower

Tem, most educated people today see prescription medication as an appropriate and often necessary treatment. Yet when the problem relates to workings of the brain, these same individuals may object to medication treatments and insist that the individual ought to fix the problems by willpower or some other variant of conscious effort. It is ironic that many who strongly resist the notion that prescription medications may be needed to alleviate ADHD have no problem with using everyday stimulants to aid their own cognitive functioning. Richard Rudgley (1993) has described the longstanding and widespread use of stimulants such as coffee, tea, cola, tobacco, and betel nut throughout the world to improve alertness and concentration in daily life. Because one or another of these substances is usually readily available and socially sanctioned, many do not recognize that they are providing on a more transient, erratic, and somewhat less potent basis stimulation to cognitive processes very...

Are there any medications that are available without a prescription to treat osteoporosis

Vitamins, minerals, and dietary supplements can be sold over the counter (OTC), that is, without a prescription. These products can be purchased in drug stores, health food stores, some department stores, and over the Internet. The FDA does not regulate OTC products as they do prescription medications. Because of this, certain claims can be made without clinical trials or scientific evidence to support the claims. Therefore, you should be aware of what you're buying and do some research in advance. The Consumer Labs Web site ( provides an excellent resource for the contents of many products containing vitamins, minerals, herbals, and dietary supplements. The site reports the results of independent testing to evaluate manufacturer's claims and the presence of amounts of ingredients in the tested products. There has been little long-term testing of phytoestro-gens such as the isoflavones found in red clover however, some short-term small studies...

Gluten in Medications

Medications and vitamin and mineral supplements may also contain gluten as an inactive ingredient. The manufacturers can change the inactive ingredients of these products without warning, because there are no regulations on the formulation of inactive drug components. Vegetable gum and modified food starch can contain gluten. All medications should be checked for nebulous ingredients, especially if they are to be taken for a long period of time. It is imperative to know the lot number of nonprescription medications when contacting the manufacturer for clarification of the inactive ingredients. Prescription medications purchased through a pharmacy come with an ingredient list on the package insert. Different batches of medications may, however, contain different ingredients.

Application for Marketing

In the mid to later part of the 1990s, procedures were established to allow for more timely review and approval of marketing applications in the both European Union and the United States. The review process to be used and the timing for approval are defined by the local regulations, and are dependent upon the immediate therapeutic need for the product. The EU mutual recognition and centralized procedures and the U.S. Prescription Drug User Fee Act (PDUFA) will be discussed in more detail later in this chapter.

The Review And Approval Process

The United States adopted a process known as the Prescription Drug User Fee Act (PDUFA), which defines the expected length of time for review of an original application. In exchange for a fee, the FDA agrees to render a decision on the application (approval, approvable under stated conditions, or not approved) within a period of time dictated by the nature of the new drug product. Currently, decisions on applications serving major therapeutic needs (1P compounds) will be

Ad hoc Post hoc Hypotheses

The purpose of a recent set of clinical trials was to see if a simple surgical procedure performed prior to taking a standard prescription medicine would improve blood flow and distribution in the lower leg. parison of patients with an improved blood flow versus patients who had taken the prescription medicine alone.

Principal Components Analysis 521 Basic Ideas

A key idea is that most chemical measurements are inherently multivariate. This means that more than one measurement can be made on a single sample. An obvious example is spectroscopy we can record a spectrum at hundreds of wavelengths on a single sample. Traditional approaches are univariate in which only one wavelength (or measurement) is used per sample, but this misses much information. Another common area is quantitative structure - property relationships, in which many physical measurements are available on a number of candidate compounds (bond lengths, dipole moments, bond angles, etc.) can we predict, statistically, the biological activity of a compound Can this assist in pharmaceutical drug development There are several pieces of information available. PCA is one of several multivariate methods that allows us to explore patterns in these data, similar to exploring patterns in psychometric data. Which compounds behave similarly Which people belong to a similar group How can...

Pharmaceutical Calculations

While the number of prescriptions requiring compounding has diminished during the past decade, the importance of pharmaceutical calculations has not declined. There is a continued necessity to compound some prescriptions and medical orders, especially for pharmacists preparing parenteral admixtures in both institutional and community settings. In addition, competence in mathematics is essential in order to comprehend the scientific literature.

Pharmaceutical Compounding

Compounding is considered an intrinsic skill of the pharmacist. Although the number of extemporaneously compounded prescriptions is steadily declining, some pharmacists have experienced professional satisfaction in their ability to prepare products that would otherwise not be available to the patient. Pharmacists in institutional settings are expected to prepare parenteral admixtures, reconstitute parenteral powders and advise other health

Data Sources for Quality Measurement

Once the specific quality indicators have been chosen, appropriate sources of data must be specified. Data sources available for measurement include computer-stored administrative data (e.g., claims data, encounter data) and clinical data (e.g., prescriptions databases, ambulatory diagnosis databases), paper medical records, patient reports, and direct observation of an encounter. Computer-stored administrative and clinical records are easily accessible. They do not contain much clinical detail. As discussed in Chapter 8, the reliability of some of the data is uncertain because of the circumstances under which the data are collected. The data may be incomplete because some of the care obtained by a patient is not recorded. For example, influenza shots given at a community clinic will not be recorded in a health plan's immunization database. Prescriptions filled in the local drugstore will not be recorded in the prescription database. It is rare that it is possible to obtain a...

Analysis of Variations in Practice

Analysis of variations generally uses administrative data, such as data from hospital discharge abstracts, insurance claims, pharmacy prescriptions, or vital records as the starting point for defining the units of analysis and the outcomes. The outcomes may also be assessed using the same administrative database or by linkage with other computer-stored information. Information may be supplemented by record review and sometimes by direct survey of patients.

In Closingthe Processing Technologies Of Bulk Drugs

Practically all prescriptions for sound and successful bulk drug manufacture given in this chapter apply to the varied, seemingly tumultuous outsourcing environment, but only if a diligent effort goes into operating, maintaining, and building trust in the customer supplier relationships.

Group Composition and the Bases of Similarity

Comply with the group's behavioral prescriptions. Social comparison theory also postulates that, to accomplish its stress-reducing effect, the companions must be perceived to be reacting relatively calmly to their situation, suggesting that support groups are not appropriate during periods when people are feeling emotionally overwhelmed. It is therefore advisable to recruit participants only after they have recovered from the initial shock of a crisis, and are ready to commence a structured and paced social support program.

General Orientation

Because both therapist and client lack access to a straightforward ''truth'' beyond their constructions, neither can define hard and fast criteria for distinguishing ''healthy'' or ''rational'' beliefs or actions from those that are disordered or irrational. Given this level playing field,'' the therapist is left with the somewhat daunting task of building an em-pathic bridge into the lived experience of the client by attempting to construe his or her process of meaning making. Establishing this connection will help the therapist to understand the entailments of the client's constructions of events and help negotiate their possible deconstruction and elaboration. The personal-ism of this encounter requires that the therapist have a sensitive attunement to the unspoken nuances in the client's conversation, and skill in using evocative and metaphorically rich language to help sculpt their mutual meaning making toward fresh possibilities. To be successful, such ''structural coupling''...

Marriage and identity

This is a description of some of the behaviours of happy couples in successful long-term relationships. Turning the coin over, these ways of behaving in a relationship could be seen as prescriptions for happiness, actions to aim at if one wishes to develop a satisfactory and enduring relationship. Although they might come easily to some couples, for others they take work.

Vomiting Laxative and Diuretic Abuse

Patients who abuse diuretics typically choose over-the-counter products, but may also use prescription medications (Roerig et al, 2003). Complications from diuretic abuse include toxicity from agents containing salicylates or acetaminophen, and hypokalemia from loop diuretics. Abrupt withdrawal from these agents may produce reflex fluid retention and edema, so diuretics should be tapered if abuse has been heavy.

Hippocrates And The Hippocratic Tradition

Nursing Traditions

According to ancient biographers, Hippocrates was born on the island of Cos, lived a long, exemplary life, and died in Larissa when 95 or perhaps 110 years old. In genealogical tables constructed by his later admirers, Hippocrates traced his ancestry back to Asclepius on his father's side and to Hercules on the maternal side. Plato and Aristotle spoke of Hippocrates with respect, despite the fact that he taught medicine for a fee. Not all ancient writers praised Hippocrates. The Father of Medicine was accused of burning down the medical library at Cos in order to eliminate competing medical traditions. An even more unflattering story accused Hippocrates of plagiarizing the prescriptions of Asclepius before destroying the god's temple and claiming clinical medicine as his own invention. Another legend says that the great doctor

Drug Lore And Dietetics

The use of tea illustrates the overlap between foods and drugs. For about six thousand years, the Chinese have been making a beverage from the leaves of the tea shrub. Tea contains small amounts of nutrients, but it is rich in physiologically active alkaloids, including caffeine, theobromine, and theophylline. Perhaps the most important health aspect of tea drinking in the ancient world, and in many regions of the world even today, was the use of vigorously boiling water. In general, the boundary between medical prescriptions and dietary prescriptions was not as sharply defined in many ancient traditional systems as it is in modern Western medicine. Yet, modern medicine is once again focusing on the role of diet as an aid to good health, disease prevention, and longevity. When dietary measures were insufficient, physicians could search for remedies among the many known drugs. Because the nature of drugs was often violent, scholars warned against recklessly prescribing or consuming...

Can I go blind with MS

My vision problems range from a bit of blurriness to a complete lack of sight. I inherited extreme myopia I wear contact lenses and glasses even in the shower. Before MS, changes in my vision required new prescriptions and picking out the least offensiveframes. MS vision symptoms and

Didanosine [ddl Videx

Coadministration of ribavirin with didanosine promotes mitochondrial toxicity. More studies need to be completed to determine if reducing the dose of didanosine (when coadministered with ribavirin), changing the modalities of prescriptions, or avoiding concomitant prescriptions can avoid mitochondrial toxicity (67-69).

Antibiotic Resistance And Bacterial Variation

Resistance to antibiotics is increasing rapidly among human pathogens as pointed out by many authors (e.g., refs. 65 and 66). The reasons center around one problem the failure to control the human use of antibiotics. Numerous studies have shown that in medicine antibiotics are frequently prescribed unnecessarily or inappropriately. For example, it was estimated that in 1992, 12 million adults who presented bronchitis or upper respiratory infections received prescriptions for antibiotics that offered little or no benefit (67). Similar studies of inappropriate antibiotics usage have focused on Canada, Europe, and Japan. In developing countries, antibiotics usage has been poorly regulated, patient compliance has been poorly monitored, and much of the supply of antibiotics is of low quality. The common use of antibiotics in veterinary medicine and in agriculture has contributed to the problem to an extent that is difficult to determine but likely to be considerable.

What is kyphoplasty Would it help my spinal fractures

Spine Exercise

For kyphoplasty, an incision is made in the spine under local anesthesia. The patient can be awake so that pain and neurological problems arising from the surgery can be immediately identified. An uninflated balloonlike instrument is inserted into the vertebra. The balloon is inflated, increasing the space within the vertebra. Sometimes this maneuver straightens the vertebra. Sometimes it doesn't. The balloon is removed and a special cement compound fills in the space, somewhat like a cast supporting the bone. Pain relief is almost immediate. Being able to resume normal daily activities can also be expected, thereby reducing the amount of disability caused by the vertebral fractures. Kyphoplasty is not a substitute for other treatments for osteoporosis, however. You may still need to take prescription medications, and you must take adequate calcium and Vitamin D. You should also exercise regularly once your clinician has given you the go-ahead after surgery.

Historical Development of Chinese Herbal Medicine

The foundation for this medical practice is the Chinese materia medica. More than 6,000 substances have been used and their effects documented and researched in the past four millenia. Clinical practice and empirical results from millions of medical cases have created a data bank on individual substances as well as prescriptions of complex compounds. This literature is unparalleled and unsurpassed in the world's medical knowledge. The use of herbs is found in many historical texts. The five-taste concept of herbs is mentioned in the Spring and Summer Annals of Mr. Lu (Lu Shi Chun Qiu), a text of the Qin (221-206 B.C.) dynasty. Meanwhile, over 120 substances of plant, animal, and mineral origin were mentioned in the Classic of the Mountains and Seas (Shan Hai Jing), a text of the Warring States period (403 221 B.C.). The earliest known pharmacological work is the Prescriptions for Fifty-Two Ailments (Wu Shi Er Bing Fang), recovered from Ma Wang Dui Tomb Three in Hunan province in 1973....

The Discovery Of Artemisinin

Qing Hao is a herb commonly used in China with a long history of use as an antipyretic to treat the alternate chill and fever symptoms of malaria and other heat syndromes in the traditional Chinese medical system. The name Qing Hao first appeared in a silk book excavated from the tomb at Mawangdui belonging to the Han dynasty it was entitled Wu Shi Er Bin Fang (Prescriptions for Fifty-two ailments) and dated from as early as 168 BC, and described the use of Qing Hao for the treatment of haemorrhoids. In 340 AD, Qing Hao was recorded for the first time as a treatment for fevers in a medical book, Zhou Hou Bei Ji Fang (Handbook of Prescriptions for Emergency Treatment). In this work, the author, Ge Hong, recommended that, to reduce fevers one should soak a handful of Qing Hao in one sheng (approx. 1 L) of water, strain the liquor and drink it all. Li Shi-Zhen, the author of the famous materia medica Ben Cao Gang Mu (1596 AD), based on the former medical text records and his own...

What types of medication are usually prescribed for osteoporosis

If you are told you have osteopenia or are diagnosed with osteoporosis, calcium and Vitamin D supplementation with appropriate exercise may not be enough to decrease bone loss or build bone. You may need a prescription medication. Some medications are only prescribed for women and others are prescribed for both women and men. The North American Menopause Society (NAMS) advises that the following women receive prescription medication as part of their treatment for osteoporosis The types of prescription medication fall into two categories. The first category of medications is called antiresorptive agents. They are intended to work on the osteoclasts to inhibit bone resorption, meaning that the medications interfere with the cells that are The most important thing for you to remember is that prescription medications do not usually contain calcium or Vitamin D however, Fosamax (alendronate) Plus D and Actonel (risedronate) with Calcium were recently approved. Fosamax Plus D contains 2,800...

Chinese Medicine Classical Traditional And Modern

Most elements of the ancient learned systems have essentially disappeared, or survive only in folklore as quaint vestiges of the past, but supporters of Chinese medicine maintain that it is and always has been a viable scientific enterprise. Traditional Chinese medicines and healing techniques have gained a significant place in the alternative or integrative medicine practiced in the Western world today. Certainly, classical Chinese medicine is remarkable for its persistence and adaptability. In practice, the system exhibits an exceptional level of flexibility. A patient of Chinese medicine might receive 10 different prescriptions. Rather than conclude that most of these prescriptions must be useless, the patient might find many of them satisfactory and effective. Shang writings and divination were essentially forgotten until the end of the nineteenth century even though oracle bones could be found in almost every traditional Chinese apothecary shop. When physicians included ''dragon...

Midwives And Medical

Parto Eucharius Lin

Of this process is the treatment of Trotula of Salerno in histories of medieval medicine. There has been considerable disagreement as to whether Trotula was a professor at the University of Salerno during the twelfth century and the author of major treatises on obstetrics and gynecology, or a mythical, and somewhat ludicrous figure sometimes referred to as Dame Trots. Simplified translations of gynecological texts attributed to Trotula were treasured by generations of women. The English Trotula, for example, contains complex and bizarre remedies, advice about conception, pregnancy, childbirth, ''wind in the uterus'' and other female problems. For readers who were skeptical about certain prescriptions, the author helpfully suggested testing them on chickens or roosters. Critics of the ''over medicalization of modern life'' warn about the dangers of treating normal female functions, including pregnancy and menopause, as pathological states. For example, since the 1960s, some...

Nonstimulant Medications for ADHD

Marketed under the brand name Strattera, ATX is not a stimulant. Unlike stimulants it is not classified as a Schedule II medication that is, it has very low potential for abuse and is not subject to the strict rules enforced for stimulants, pain medications, and other compounds that, if misused, could cause addiction. This means that ATX can be obtained more conveniently by patients. Physicians can provide samples, can phone prescriptions to the pharmacy, and can provide refills without having to write a new prescription each time.

Medicine In The Roman World


Pliny's Natural History provides an invaluable, far-ranging, if unsystematic survey of science, medicine, agriculture, industry, and the arts of the late republic and early empire. In lauding the virtues of Rome's traditional herbal remedies, Pliny claimed that everything had been created for the sake of man, making the whole world an apothecary shop for those who understood nature's simple prescriptions, such as wound dressings made of wine, vinegar, eggs, honey, powdered earthworms, and pig dung, and ferns used in the treatment of parasitic worms. Among the remedies suggested by Pliny are some that contain pharmacologically active components, such as ephedron for asthma, cough, and hemorrhage.

The Chinese Cultural Sphere

Korean physicians were very much influenced by Chinese medical philosophy, and used Chinese medical terms in describing disease, but they also reinterpreted Chinese texts in terms of local conditions and added information obtained from Indian sources. Scholarly discussions of disease generally followed the principles set forth in the Chinese medical literature, but the study of Korea's traditional folk remedies stimulated the development of an independent line of medical scholarship that recognized the importance of local conditions. Such texts include the Emergency Remedies of Folk Medicine (1236), a medical encyclopedia entitled the Compilation of Native Korean Prescriptions (1433), and the Exemplar of Korean Medicine (1610).

Modern Research on Chinese Medicinal Herbs

Because of the progress made in understanding the function and properties of Chinese medicinal substances, some practitioners of TCM have taken the results of biomedical research into account before writing a prescription. For example, if from a modern biomedical perspective, a patient presents with a bacterial infection, the practitioner will use herbs that are thought to be effective against the bacterium. However, those herbs should not be inappropriate for the patient (from a traditional Chinese medical perspective) based on a diagnosis using pattern differentiation. Thus, patients with headaches should be cautioned not to take prescriptions containing Radix Angelicae (Bai Zhi) at bedtime for this herb can act as a central nervous system stimulant.

What are isoflavones Are they effective for treating osteoporosis

Isoflavones are phytoestrogens, weak estrogenic substances found in plants. Isoflavones are most notably found in soy and red clover. The isoflavones that are found in soy are different from the isoflavones found in red clover. Sometimes manufacturers mix the different isoflavones into one product. For example, Rimos-til is a blend of isoflavones derived from red clover, while Estroven contains 55 mg of isoflavones derived from soy and another plant extract. Isoflavone products are available over the counter and are not subjected to the same Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations as prescription medications. Because isoflavones have been found to act like estrogen in the body, isoflavones are being studied not only for their effects on the hot flashes associated with menopause, but also for their effects on bone health. Several small studies have shown some promise in reducing bone loss and increasing bone mineral density without some of the side effects of estrogen observed...

Alternative Complementary And Integrative Medicine

Proponents of complementary or integrative medicine tend to be interested in herbal remedies, vitamins, and other so-called dietary supplements. When Congress passed the Dietary Supplement and Health Education Act of 1994, it allowed significant differences between the marketing of prescription medicines and dietary supplements. Prescription drugs must provide proof of safety and efficacy to secure Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval, but the agency cannot recall products sold as dietary supplements from the market unless the FDA can prove that they are harmful. Supplement manufacturers are permitted to use advertisements and testimonials claiming that their products are ''all natural'' and ''completely safe.'' Stores specializing in dietary supplements, herbs, and vitamins sell products that purportedly boost metabolism, improve cardiovascular health, prevent health attacks, and so forth. Food and beverage companies have experimented with ''functional'' or ''nutraceutical...

Managing acute back pain

Doctors' tasks include not only the traditional provision of diagnosis, investigation, prescriptions, and sickness certificates but also giving accurate advice, information, and reassurance. Primary care and emergency department doctors are potentially powerful therapeutic agents and can provide effective immediate care, but they may also unintentionally promote progression to chronic pain. The risk of chronicity is reduced by

What if Im told I that have osteopenia but not osteoporosis

Although your T-score may indicate that you have osteopenia, it is best to assume that your bone loss will continue if you do not embrace the goals and behaviors intended to improve your bone health. Sometimes clinicians don't use the term osteopenia. Instead, they prefer to tell patients that they have low bone mass. Some clinicians may suggest prescription medications specifically intended to prevent further bone loss or to increase bone density. However, management options for osteopenia are controversial, and some clinicians think prescription medications for osteopenia are not appropriate. In either case and whether you have lost bone mass or not, your clinician should always emphasize the importance of calcium, Vitamin D, and appropriate exercise.

Stanley H Nusim

The forward integration of these companies into providing the finished dosage form had by the middle of this past century become the standard rather than the exception, as the medical community shifted to writing prescriptions for the local pharmacist to fill prescribing finished dosage forms rather than their own formulations. This practice continues today, as the determination of efficacy and safety of formulated product has grown to very significant proportions.

History of APBI

In the late 1990s, interest in APBI was renewed. Investigators hoped that the high local recurrence rates noted in the early studies could be avoided with more stringent patient selection criteria, more uniform definitions of target volumes, a greater ability to define the target due to improved imaging and treatment planning, and more uniform dose prescriptions. In addition, in the first APBI trials, many important pathological factors that were subsequently found to be associated with local-regional recurrence were not evaluated systematically. Specifically, these studies included patients with unassessed or positive surgical margins and patients who did not undergo axillary lymph node evaluation. Finally, the presence or absence of invasion of the lymphovascular space and or an extensive intraductal component were not analyzed.

Drugs and Surgery

Adjunctive anorectic medications may be useful for the obese patient, either from the start, to enhance compliance with the diet or later, or when compliance begins to waver or hunger becomes an issue. There is little doubt that such medications significantly increase weight loss during the period in which they are used, and may help with maintaining some weight loss (though there tends to be regain even with continued use). Commonly used anorectic drugs are phentermine and sibutramine. One reasonably effective agent, ephedrine, is available over the counter, but may soon be restricted because it has been associated with adverse cardiovascular events. The true amphetamines, diuretics, and thyroid medications should not be prescribed for weight loss. An agent that holds some appeal to me as a gastroenterologist is orlistat. This is the only nonsystemically acting prescription medication as yet available. It acts in the lumen of the small bowel by binding to lipases, and thus causes...


Aging is a highly individualized process that results in various changes over time that can alter significantly the actions of psychotropic medications in the body and how the body affects the drugs. In elderly patients there are changes in organ system function, drug distribution, drug action, drug metabolism, and drug elimination. In addition, cumulative drug actions are common among elderly persons who take many prescription medications, over-the-counter medications, and other substances (e.g., alcohol, nicotine, caffeine). Psychopharmacologic treatments in the elderly require coordinated, integrated medical care that captures a complete picture of functioning within each individual. Quality of life in elderly patients can be greatly improved and prolonged by thoughtful use of medications and medical interventions. However, there are several obstacles to compliance that the pre-scriber should consider, including the expense of medications and treatment, the forgetfulness of some...


Loss of a job, lack of insurance coverage, other ill family members, or a change in the social financial situation will have a huge impact on ability to pay for obtain prescription medications (Kane, 2001). Many pharmaceutical companies offer patient assistance programs. Local, state, and federal programs may also be available. A social worker may be of benefit.

Shewhart Charts

Often there are limits to the acceptable quality of a product. Some of these may be established for legal reasons, for example, if one markets a pharmaceutical drug it is important to certify that the composition of active ingredients are within certain limits. If outside these limits, there could be unknown physiological consequences as clinical trials are performed only on a range of products with certain well defined composition and in the extreme a company can be sued billions of dollars and go out of business or have such a bad press that nobody wants to buy drugs from them anymore, if a product was found to be outside the limits demonstrated to be safe and effective in clinical trials. Normally batches are tested before going on the market, but rigorous checks can take days or weeks, and there can be major economic consequences if a large amount of product has to be destroyed. The profit margins in many manufacturing processes are surprisingly tight, especially since the price...

Drug Therapy

The liver contains about 30 enzymes that are involved in the degradation of a wide variety of compounds that are consumed in an average diet. These enzymes can also handle more exotic compounds such as alcohol or pharmaceutical drugs. Age-related or even alcohol-induced deterioration of these enzymes make a safe drug dangerous when given to a geriatric patient. Potentially fatal ventricular arrhythmias have been caused by certain antihistamines when given to older patients with defective liver enzymes. However, the situation is too complex for a physician to assume that an elderly patient with normal liver function tests will be able to metabolize a given drug as efficiently as a younger patient.


C. difficile colitis occurs more frequency in patients who are hospitalized the rate is reported at one to 10 cases per 1000 discharges. Outside the hospital, the overall risk is less than one case per 10,000 antibiotic prescriptions written or 0.5 to 1 hospital admissions per 100,000 person-years (3,4).

The Clinic Visit

The nurse sees returning clinic patients during the initial 15 minutes of the visit. Briefly the patients' IBD history is reviewed current medical status and psychosocial issues are discussed as well as coping strategies. Reviewing the patient (health) diary can also be helpful. Medications and effectiveness, including any side effects or compliance issues, the need for prescriptions, and diagnostic or surveillance testing are also reviewed. Patients are given opportunity to ask questions.

Core Collapse

Irrespective of the preceding evolutionary scenario, protostars form from gravitational collapse of a dense molecular core (Evans 1999). The (isothermal) collapse physics is determined by the initial conditions and two semi-analytic prescriptions have been developed. Shu (1977) found self-similar collapse solutions starting from the 'singular isothermal sphere' (SIS) which initially has a r 2 density distribution throughout, and leads to an 'inside-out' collapse. The SIS was assumed to be the state to which dense cores would evolve as magnetic field support was lost by


Another objective of the chapter is to establish the value of another overlap process design is, for all practical purposes, the first stage of technology transfer. Moving a bulk drug process from the development environment to that of first manufacture is a delicate task that is made more difficult without a competent process design component. Once these arguments are presented, the chapter is meant to flow rather naturally as a series of annotated common sense prescriptions for sound technology transfer, proven to the author over numerous projects and observations that ranged wide through the practice of bulk drug chemical processing. We will dwell on these measures as they apply through first manufacture, setting the stage for mature manufacture as a function of product growth.

Catheter Placement

Following the completion of the implant, the patient is observed in the department for approximately 1 hour. During that time period the implant site is cleaned and dressed and instructions for catheter care reviewed. Patients are discharged home with prescriptions for 10 days of an oral antibiotic and pain medication as needed. Pain medication is rarely needed and then rarely for longer than the first 1 or 2 days. Most discomfort is easily managed with nonsteroidal antiinflammatory medications.

The Medical Papyri

The Ebers papyrus, which was probably written about 1500 b.c.e., is the longest, most complete, and most famous of the medical papyri. Named after Georg Ebers, who obtained the papyrus in 1873 and published a facsimile and partial translation two years later, it is an encyclopedic collection of prescriptions, incantations and extracts of medical texts on diseases and surgery taken from at least forty older sources. The Ebers papyrus was apparently planned as a guide for the three kinds of healers those who dealt with internal and external remedies, surgeons who treated wounds and fractures, and sorcerers or exorcists who wrestled with the demons of disease. Although the ancients did not see any reason for a strict separation between natural and supernatural diseases, there was a tendency for what might be called realistic prescriptions to be grouped together with diseases that could be treated with a reasonable chance of success. Incurable disorders are generally clustered together...


Because illness was regarded as a divine punishment for sins committed by the patient, healing required the spiritual and physical catharsis obtained by combining confession and exorcism with purgative drugs. Sumerian prescriptions include about 250 vegetable and 120 mineral drugs, as well as alcoholic beverages, fats and oils, parts and products of animals, honey, wax, and various kinds of milk thought to have medical virtues. Medical texts, like almost all Mesopotamian tablets, were anonymous. But some medical tablets provide enthusiastic personal endorsements and testimonials for particular remedies. Medications are said to have been tested or discovered by unimpeachable authorities, such as sages and experts. Some remedies were praised for their antiquity or exclusivity. Of special interest is a small cuneiform tablet containing about a dozen recipes recorded by a Sumerian physician about four thousand years ago. This tablet appears to be the oldest written collection of...