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Master Karma

This Master Karma ebook gives you a way to understand your life in terms of Eastern Philosophy and change your life in small be impactful ways. You will learn how seemingly tiny actions you can take throughout the day can actually make your life much better, and you will learn what you have to avoid in order to prevent bad karma from completely messing up your life. Dr. Steve G. Jones is a clinical hypnotherapist, and this book combines the science of hypnotherapy with the philosophy of karma to create an unstoppable healing force that helps you get out of the dumps and change your life. Karma is a natural force; it is as unchangeable as gravity. But that does not mean that you can't harness the power of karma to change your life; this book teaches you how to do just that. Continue reading...

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Contents: Ebook
Author: Steve Jones
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Price: $19.95

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Highly Recommended

The writer has done a thorough research even about the obscure and minor details related to the subject area. And also facts weren’t just dumped, but presented in an interesting manner.

Purchasing this book was one of the best decisions I have made, since it is worth every penny I invested on it. I highly recommend this to everyone out there.

Karma Laws

This course gives you the best way to capture the laws of karma and make them work in your favor! This 5-part e-course gives you the best way to learn how to improve your life according to ancient philosophy. All too many people ignore the powerful effects that philosophy can grant their lives and instead wonder why their lives are not having the impact that they used to. If you have ever felt like a failure, wanted to give up on life, or feel drained and frustrated almost constantly, you will be able to revitalize yourself without all of the pain and frustration that you normally go through. This Karma Laws course teaches you how life works in terms of karma; you will be able to meld your mind, body, and spirit better than you ever were able to before. Don't stay in depression; get rid of your bad karma and change it to good! Continue reading...

Karma Laws Summary

Contents: Online Course
Creator: Victoria Gallagher
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Price: $15.00

The Renaissance and the Scientific Revolution

The term Renaissance designates the rebirth of the arts and sciences that accompanied the complex and often painful economic, social, political, and intellectual transformations that took place in Europe between about 1300 and 1650. The Renaissance was a new age of exploration of the word, the world, the mind, and the human body. The Renaissance era may have ultimately transformed European culture in a profound and permanent way that led to the modern world, but it was also a period in which superstition, mysticism, intolerance, and epidemic disease flourished. During this period, Europe experienced the disintegration of medieval economic, social, and religious patterns, the expansion of commerce, cities, and trade, and the growth of the modern state. While such a profound transformation might seem to imply a sharp break with the past, in many ways the Renaissance was the natural culmination of the Middle Ages. Scholars have argued that the Renaissance was not yet an age of...

Correlation with 3 D Structures

Of course, we now know that this development was not the demise of protein science, rather a rebirth. It was a revolutionary methodology, and above all, it brought possibilities. Suddenly, membrane proteins, adhesion molecules, gigantic proteins, and trace-occurring receptors became amenable to structural analysis. This opened new fields and meant an enormous leap forward. After about two decades of this progress, and subsequent completion of a number of genomes including the human genome we now know that science is coming back to protein chemistry. With the present era of proteomics, protein analysis is revived at a global characterization level in the cell, and is coupled with mass spectrometry 43 . Protein chemistry is back and modern again, but now forever combined with molecular genetics, crystallography, and mass spectrometry. Great, and I am happy to have experienced this transition, too.


Despite his god-like qualities, Gilgamesh learns that he, like all human beings, must inevitably succumb to illness and death. When his friend Enkidu was stricken with a serious illness, Gilgamesh swore that he would never give up hope of saving him ''until a worm fell out of his nose'' (a striking omen of impending death). After many trials and tribulations, and an awesome journey through the realm of darkness, Gilgamesh learned the secret of the herb of life and swam to the bottom of the waters where the marvelous plant grew. Before he could take the herb of health and healing back to Uruk, the exhausted hero stopped to rest. While Gilgamesh slept, a mysterious serpent slithered out of his hiding place and ate the herb of life. As a result, the snake shed its old skin and was instantly rejuvenated while Gilgamesh wept for himself and all of suffering mankind. According to the epic, when Gilgamesh returned from his journey, he engraved the story of all his adventures and the wonders...

Karma Crash Course

Karma Crash Course

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