Hemodynamic Measurements In Dahlsaltsensitive Rats

Mean intra-arterial Cardiac index, Total peripheral resistance, pressure, mm Hg mL/min/100 g mm Hg/mL/min/100 g

Group treated with pioglitazone 121 ±3* 59.1±1.7* 2.07 ±0.07*

FIGURE 5-11 (Continued)

B, Direct intra-arterial pressure and cardiac index (thermodilution) in these same chronically instrumented, conscious pioglitazone-treated and control rats. Compared with control animals, rats treated with pioglitazone had lower mean arterial pressure, higher cardiac index, and lower total peripheral resistance. Thus, attenuation of hypertension by pioglitazone is due to a reduction of peripheral resistance. (From Dubey and coworkers [11]; with permission.)

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