Case Report Of A Patient With Recurrent Granulomatous Sarcoid Nephritis In A Transplanted Kidney

Patient profile

A man aged 57 years with 3 months' history of progressive edema

Past history: pulmonary sarcoidosis, treated with steroids for 10 years, on 5 mg 4 times a day on admission Physical examination: blood pressure, 180/95 mm Hg; peripheral edema Laboratory test results: blood urea nitrogen, 32 mg/dL; creatinine, 4.3 mg/dL; albumin, 2.9 g/dL; cholesterol, 543 mg/dL; urinalysis, 6-8 erythrocyte/high-power field, 3 + protein; 24-h urine protein, 1.5 g Kidney biopsy: membranous glomerulopathy; no granulomas

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