Causes Of Aseptic Leukocyturia

Self-medication before urine culture Sample contamination by cleansing solution Vaginal discharge Urinary stone Urinary tract tumor

Chronic interstitial nephritis (especially due to analgesics)

Fastidious microorganisms requiring special culture medium (Ureaplasma urealyticum, Chlamydia, Candida)

Leukocyturia. A significant number of leukocytes (more than 10,000 per milliliter) is also required for the diagnosis of urinary tract infection, as it indicates urothelial inflammation. Abundant leukocyturia can originate from the vagina and thus does not necessarily indicate aseptic urinary leukocyturia [1]. Bacterial growth without leukocyturia indicates contamination at sampling. Significant leukocyturia without bacterial growth (aseptic leukocyturia) can develop from various causes, among which self-medication before urinalysis is the most common.

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