Detection Of Circulating Cryoglobulins And Determination Of Cryoprecipitate

ized events might induce the shift to abnormal proliferation of a clone of B cells, producing a monoclonal IgM rheumatoid factor. Thus, a type II MC is induced that can be considered a lym-phoproliferative disorder. It has been suggested that the IgMk produced by this permanent clone of B cells has affinity for the glomerular matrix and can deposit, in the glomerulus together with the IgG to which it binds in the blood, IgG that probably acts as an anti-HCV antigen antibody.

not clear, and this group of mixed cryoglobulinemias was called essential [2,3]. As indicated in Figure 9-4, it now is evident that most essential mixed cryoglobulinemias are associated with hepatitis C virus infection.

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