Figure 1019

Risk of analgesic nephropathy associated with specific types of analgesics. The initial reports of analgesic nephropathy chiefly concerned phenacetin mixtures. Phenacetin has been replaced with acetaminophen in analgesia mixtures without significant changes in the cause of analgesic nephropathy in some countries [15]. A, The risk factor for end-stage renal disease of unknown cause is increased in relationship to the cumulative intake of acetaminophen as well as nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs but not to aspirin. Moreover, mixtures containing several analgesic compounds were shown to be more nephrotoxic than are simple drugs. B, In Belgium, the prevalence of analgesic nephropathy in 1991 was strongly correlated with sales of analgesic mixtures in 1983. Rs—coefficient of correlation. (A, Adapted from Perneger and coworkers [17]; B, adapted from Elseviers and De Broe [18]; with permission).

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