Figure 1020

High performance of computed tomography (CT) scan for diagnosing analgesic nephropathy. Three criteria may be used to diagnose analgesic nephropathy by CT scan: decrease in renal size, measured by the sum of both sides of the rectangle enclosing the kidney at the level of the renal vessels (A); indentations counted at the level at which most indentations are present (more than three are qualified of bumpy contours) (B); and papillary calcifications (C). Percentages of sensitivity and specificity are given for the three criteria (D). Example of papillary calcifications on CT scan (E). RA— renal artery; RV—renal vein; SP—spine. (Adapted from Elseviers and De Broe [19]; with permission).


Sensitivity, %

Specificity, %

Decrease in renal size Bumpy contours Papillary calcifications

0 0

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