Figure 1037

Role of Aristolochia in Chinese herbs nephropathy. Stephania tetran-dra was the Chinese herb chronologically associated with the development of Chinese herbs nephropathy. However, tetrandrine, the alkaloid characterizing Stephania tetrandra was not found in the capsules taken by the patients. In fact, confusion between Stephania tetrandra and Aristolochia fang chi was done in the delivery of Chinese herbs in Belgium [33]. Chinese characters and the pingin name of Stephania tetrandra (Han fang-ji) are identical to that of Aristolochia fang chi (Guang fang-ji). Investigations conducted on batches of Stephania tetrandra powders distributed in Belgium have shown that most of them contained aristolochic acids (characteristic of Aristolochia) and not tetrandrine (From Vanhaelen and coworkers [33] and P Daenens, Katholiek Universiteit Leuven, Belgium, report of expertise 1996.)

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