Figure 109

A-D, General immunization guidelines. HBOC—haemophilus B influenzae-diphtheria protein conjugate vaccine, oligosaccharide ID—intradermal; IM—intramuscularly; DT—diphtheria tetanus; DTP—diphtheria tetanus pertussis; MMR—measles mumps rubella; MR—measles rubella; MSD—Merck Sharpe & Dohme;

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PRP-D—haemophilus B-diphtheria toxoid conjugate vaccine, polysaccharide; PRP-OMP—haemophilus influenzae type b-meningococcal protein conjugate vaccine; SC—subcutaneous; SKF—SmithKline and French; Td—tetanus, diphtheria. (From Isada and coworkers [4]; with permission.)

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