Figure 1236

Long-term risks of kidney donation. In a meta-analysis combining 48 studies of the long-term effects of reduced renal mass in humans, no evidence was found of a progressive decline in renal function after a 50% reduction in renal mass. Indeed, a small but statistically significant increase occurred over time in the glomerular filtration rate. A small increase in urine protein excretion occurred; however, the rate of increase per decade was less than that generally considered an abnormal amount of protein excretion, eg, 150 mg/d. A small increase in systolic blood pressure was noted; however, it was not enough to lead to an increase in the incidence of hypertension. Thus, it appears that the long-term risks of kidney donation are very small. Shown are multiple linear regression coefficients and 95% confidence intervals. Failure of the confidence interval to include zero indicates P < 0.05. (From Kasiske and coworkers [12]; with permission.)

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Blood Pressure Health

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